8 November – the Komi Science Centre conducted a round-table discussion on realization of the project of bioethanol manufacturing plant in the Komi Republic. Deputy minister of industry, natural resources, power and transport of the Komi Republic O.Yu. Abramov, administration and employees of the Komi Science Centre, Ural Branch of the RAS, directors of “Egregor biotech” Ltd., the regional policy director of St. Petersburg Commodity Exchange V.O. Sokolov, the general manager of Troitsko-Pechorsky District I.V. Sidorin and potential raw material suppliers for production of bioethanol took part in the discussion.

The bioethanol manufacturing plant is supposed to be constructed in Troitsko-Pechorsky District. Talking about the history of the project the director of the “Egregor biotech” Ltd. V.V. Novikov noted that there are already many bioethanol manufacturing plants successfully functioning around the world. Today the investors pay particular attention to production of the second-generation bioethanol from non-edible raw material and in the world market there are a number of business proposals on industrial application of these technologies. Particularly the construction of such plant is planned on the territory of the Komi Republich together with the Italian partners who have patented the process of enzymatic hydrolysis of bioethanol from cellulose-containing raw material. The power of the plant is supposed to be 100 thousand tons of bioethanol a year demanding about 450-500 cubic meters of raw material. It is preliminary estimated that Troitsko-Pechorsky District has the possibilities to provide the plant with the raw material and logistics. According to V.V. Novikov the palnt initially constructed together with the partners from Italy will then develop its own technologies in the conditions of the Russian Federation and will have a hundred percent export potential around the world because bioethanol is a relevant and fast-growing product. The general manager of Troitsko-Pechorsky District I.V. Sidorin proved that the district possesses the advantages for the bioethanol manufacturing plant, namely the raw material base, logistic capabilities and the locations for the realization of the project.

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The Komi Science Centre has become a member of the Northern Dimension Institute (ND). The ND is an open international network of universities and scientific organizations joining 29 science centres and universities of the European Union, the Russian Federation, Norway and Iceland.

The ND policy aims at development of dialogue, support of stability, well-being and economic partnership, development of economic integration, competition and sustainable development in the Northern Europe.

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